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Dungeon Mastering By Dummies

Thirteenth Session

by NotYetMousse
Apr 26,2005


Thirteenth Session

This session doesn't quite happen. You'll see what I mean later.

Waking the next day the group discovers that the bodies have vanished. Following the mountains northward heading for the wet cave. Hikaru sneaks away from the others to investigate a suspicious sound heard some ways away. Before she can think to alert the others they've already gone on ahead. Moving past a small grove, she feels a breeze by her left cheek. Dropping into an offensive stance she attacks the nothing. After a few blows are exchanged it falls to the ground, becoming a visible greenish-brown lump with tentacles. Eventually she downs three of the monsters, fleeing from a fourth till she falls unconscious.

Hikaru's player had come down with the flu, so while this portion comes first it wasn't resolved till the next week when he was better. Oddly enough the experience from taking on so many monsters alone propelled Hikaru well in front of the others in the XP race. Damn my streak of bad rolls.

Meanwhile the Cleric and Sorcerer are surrounded by undead goblins, which are quickly released from undeath by Thomas' prayer.

Easily the quickest combat I've ever run clocking in at a single action.

Hearing a curse from some ways ahead the two investigate. Seeing nothing wrong Jaj is confused by Thomas' firing upon an innocent tree completely unprovoked. After considering Thomas' actions he deduces that the tree must be an elf! Firing a Magic Missile, he singes the tree. The tree smolders as Jaj smiles to himself. Thomas on the other hand looks away from the tree to look Jaj in the eye, "You missed the branch, moron." The tree branch quivers in fright.

Given the lack success Jaj has had with Sense Motive I'm surprised he bothered to use it again. With the bonuses his chance of failure was only 20% and yet every time he rolls it...

Thomas advances to inspect the branch with Jaj a few steps behind. Thomas is heavily armed. Thomas is heavily armored. Thus Thomas makes more noise than a Rivertucky tavern brawl, alerting the tree suspect of his approach. Normally trees don't move fast enough to react to such information, which is why it seemed peculiar that this tree, or at least the one branch, decided to hoof it in such a quick manner.

Thomas makes chase, noticing that the 'branch' is actually the arm of a small cleric he recognizes as Zigblot, a renown goblin cleric of murder. Zigblot turns around, brandishing a scythe. Thomas in turn wields his mace and shield. Jaj just looks at the two. Zigblot threatens Thomas, who whacks him over the head with his mace. Jaj catches up with the group, readying his crossbow in the event he becomes useful.

He doesn't.

Thomas asks Zigblot if he is the one who controlled the undead of a minute prior. Zigblot denies the accusation, but Thomas believes otherwise. Thomas asks where the filthy goblin came from. Zigblot explains that his station is where the river and the cave meet. Their queries compelled Thomas tell Zigblot to 'take us to your leader'.

Searching the goblin brings only a pouch of gold, and a tiny silver skull pierced with a scythe. Thomas casts the symbol aside, the point of the scythe sticking into the tree. Thomas binds Zigblot's hands with a spare pouch. Jaj pockets the gold, then asks if the cleric has seen Hikaru. Zigblot answers that she was seen floating towards the cave. Jaj tries to threaten the goblin, but we all knew that wouldn't work.

I swear he put points into Charisma! He's supposed to be the mouth for the group, but manages to make bad rolls *and* can't give a description worthy of a pass. After awhile I'd started to wonder if he wasn't adding his bonuses, but he just doesn't use the skill well. He even tried to use diplomatic means during a brawl...

Walking into the cave they find it seeming very familiar. A strange sound is heard, then two red eyes are seen from the darkness. Jaj hears 'food' in draconic. Casting Light Jaj discovers a tiny red eyed black dragon. Jaj speaks with the dragon, discovering it's a hungry orphan. Jaj lies to the poor dragon pup, saying that he'll look for it's mother when in reality he'd just run away praying he didn't soil himself. The dragon pup walks towards the river as the three venture further into the cave. Finding a narrow passage in the cavern wall they walk into the befouled area, finding a very clearly rotten egg among several cracked open ones. Looking around they see nothing of value and allow Zigblot to lead them into the cave.

Jaj's player is a Yu Gi Oh fan... Forgetting that I got an earful for tossing such an 'impossible monster' his way.

Zigblot leads them into a triangular room and demands to be unbound to open the secret door. Thomas unbinds the cleric while Jaj makes faces at it. Zigblot employs a secret knock as the other two stand to either side of the doorway.

An orc opens the doorway only to be knocked senseless by Thomas. Entering the long hall Jaj makes himself useful by moving the orc body. Stopping at the third door on the right Thomas opens the door to see two sleeping orcs. Startled Thomas slams the door shut, which then echoes down the hall. After so thoughtfully waking the sleeping orcs Thomas and co. slip into another room that's housing several orcs. Jaj hustles Zigblot into a pile of dirty laundry where they both hide. Two orcs look into the room, looking over the room with suspicion, leaving after they find nothing out of the ordinary. The trio stay hidden for a few moments, fearing another search. Jaj searches the laundry pile for Zigblot, but comes up empty handed.

That door starts to earn it's nickname of the orc pez dispenser here. I'm not sure why, but I kept forgetting to add more security than a single orc.

Exiting the bunks, the two head to the end of the hall into a large room which branches off in several directions. Searching the area reveals a small trap door found within the floor. Jaj Lights a coin and tosses it down the trap door, the coin skitters away beyond sight. Thomas goes down the passage, taking the coin and advancing till he comes to an intersection with two burrowed tunnels to the left and right, and a stairway leading down straight ahead. Choosing to go left they walk down some ways and happen upon a nest of baby rats. Nothing of value found they return the way they came to find six dire rats growling at them, the leading rat's metal claws gleaming in the dim light.

Yes, he lit a coin and threw it into a potentially monster ridden tunnel. Being generous at the moment I didn't have a group of old black dragons waiting to slaughter Jaj. That and Thomas took point, and it would be mean to kill off both for one's dumb mistake.

Jaj cowers behind Thomas who readies his mace. Thomas bashes in the rat's head, causing an eye to pop from it's crushed socket. The lead rat scratches at Thomas across his knee, doing minimal damage. Jaj points towards a rat, biting cold projected from his extended digit, only to impact against the wall, causing a small patch of ice to form. The lead rat drops back, allowing another to come up and bite at Thomas, only tasting of metal. Thomas retaliates with a brutal strike against it's right foreleg, ripping it from the shoulder, utterly destroying the vermin. A new rat charges forth, but trips over the interposing corpse. Jaj readies his crossbow and fires wide, embedding a bolt into the tunnel wall. Thomas swing his mace, catching the rat in the teeth. The rat retaliates with a claw swipe to Thomas' knee. Jaj tries his ice trick again, and misses again, poor tunnel walls. Thomas frees his mace from the rat's grill only to beat it again. The pop-eyed rat lunges for Thomas, ripping at him with it's metal claws. Jaj casts Magic Missile killing the rat leader. After seeing their leader fall the rest flee. Thomas looks at the rat leader, looting it's metal claws.

End session.

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