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Dungeon Mastering By Dummies

Eight Plus Nine

by NotYetMousse
Feb 25,2005


Eighth Session

Thomas and party break down the Ogre's throne, taking a clear crystal from it prior to total destruction. Hikaru receives an abrupt haircut from a trap hidden within the walls. Jaj then runs to the chest, saved from a quick death by Hikaru, who pushes him down onto the floor Jaj exits the room, hoping to keep his head.

This entire session was an absurd tomb raid. As the only female was a Cha 10 monk... Well I doubt games would be made of it. Besides, she breaks bricks... with her FACE! So yeah, most of the session took place OOC. Oh right, the trap. It was swiped directly from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The one with the blades that swipe out from grooves in the walls around waist height. If memory serves the clue to the original trap was to humble yourself (kneel) before god. Jaj flirts with death... but death had already taken several orcs home for the night.

Searching the room Hikaru finds a small hole in the wall. Hikaru requests assistance in the form of light, which Jaj supplies via a Light spell cast upon a bolt. Hikaru investigates the hole, within which resides a handle. Pulling upon the handle Hikaru disables the trap. Looting the treasure chest the group come across much coinage, a few potions, and a flag. Hikaru gathers up the gold coins, enough for a mostly full pouch. After an attempt to lift the chest, all decide it's too much of a burden and leave it there, taking only the potions and some coins. Treasure acquired, Hikaru moves some of the corpses, noting that the ogre has mysteriously vanished. All agree that running away is the better part of valor. Three days later, the group makes it to Rivertucky.

The bolt on which the spell was cast was *nearly* shot at her. Jaj's player decided to blurt out 'I shoot it on over to Hikaru'. Multiple books found his head at that point. Most of the treasure here was looted from Rivertucky over the course of a couple decades. Including the flag. So they had missed the chance to be local heroes and gain some fame. Another piece of treasure was missed in their search. An anklet belonging to the daughter of the Yerfburgers, planted there to smooth over the initial bad blood, and pull the players within tracking distance of the plot.

End session.

Ninth Session

Rivertucky. Ah Rivertucky, if memory serves me this is where our group's adventure began, then paused as they returned from the wet caves, then resuming again as they get lost, returning to the caves once more. Returning to Rivertucky was an adventure in itself, and not all members of the party would return alive. Feeling the winter chill begin to nip about their ears, including a pair of unusually pointy ears, our heroes arrive outside of Rivertucky. Jaj feels strange, but forgets about it in favor of getting back into town. Heading in before anyone's awake to object, they seek refuge in the temple. Within the temple they encounter Thomas' underling Jacob, who informs them that he'll tell Dominicous of their arrival.

This session was logged long after the fact, so it's a bit sketchy. Also why it has the funky opening. I'd mentioned in passing that the farmers were bringing what was left of the harvest while describing the general scenery and Thomas' player suddenly went to red alert, asking what happened to the harvest, making spot and listen checks, and whipping out his trusty mace. I just couldn't stifle a laugh as I pointed out that winter was setting in, they'd been gone nearly a month, and that the farmers were bringing in the last of the crops as they'd already taken in the rest. Jaj feels funny for a reason. He's contracted filth fever from the orcs encountered last session. Thomas was recently promoted with his dispatch to the wet caves, assuming he made it back. Given that Rivertucky had a strong clergy Jacob was the only one with a lower level at the temple.

With a word of thanks Gorin returns to the cave to reunite with his brother, and seek the greater glory of Dwarven kind.

He'll be back later. He's a good NPC so I'm not about to throw him away.

Upon entrance to Dominicous' office the group is applauded for their 'capture' of an elven spy. Caught unaware the small rogue was taken to a small attic which served as the temple's prison.

This bode well for the group in two ways. First, it ridded them of a NPC that was utterly useless. Second, it gave them some good will in a town that was less than friendly.

This celebration however is short lived as Dominicous reminds the group that they are unwelcome in most of the town for attacking the Yurfburgers. Agreeing to allow the group stay the night (and again praising them for the capture) Dominicous has Jacob prepare some rooms for them.

Rivertucky is headed for political upheaval, but the players have no idea that they've caused it.

Come early morning, the remaining party walks by the patch of earth that carries the remains of the goblin raider and his companions. Jaj feels a strange feeling of unease as some energy pulses from within his pocket. The ground where the slain raiders lay breaks open, the corpses returning to attack their slayers.

No, that particular energy from Jaj's pocket has nothing to do with his unnatural affection for his owl familiar. It has more to do with a certain rock he carries around obsessively.

End session.

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