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Dungeon Mastering By Dummies

Twenty First Session

by NotYetMousse
Nov 22,2005


Twenty First Session

The goblins cower in their homes, save an insolent child who throws the Lighted stone back at the adventurers. From the back of town appears a lone goblin, dressed in robes the color of dried blood, a scythe strapped to his back.

Hikaru and company watch, Jaj questioning the goblin while Thomas readies his crossbow.

Still shocked that they decided to slaughter an entire village last time I was now prepared to have the goblin punchers showdown with their head cleric and leader, Zigblot.

The goblin quickly moves across his fallen comrades, inspecting each as he goes by, touching them, channeling magic into them. He foregoes this with three of the bodies, to which he only offers a silent prayer. The goblin drops into a defensive stance and draws his scythe as Jaj continues to goad him. His flock rises, clinging to life, and crawls back to their homes, leaving behind a swathes of blood.

I'm not sure if he thinks it was helping, but it really doesn't pay to make demands

Zigblot is fifth level and fully prepared for combat after hearing witnessing the horror. He was most concerned about healing his people, then a swift and terrible vengeance.

Naturally I was completely ready to beat on my PCs for doing something so incredibly dumb.

Jaj demands to leave, to which the goblin whistles, apparently for reinforcements. Thomas and Jaj prepare for battle, Hikaru merely glaring at Jaj. Zigblot is suddenly struck immobile. The party scrambles aboard the platform, riding it upwards.

I don't remember the conversation at the moment too well, but I believe it consisted of both Thomas and Hikaru's players reprimanding Jaj's player for picking a fight with someone who may well kill them.

Hikaru being a monk utilized her stunning fist for the first time. Interestingly enough Hikaru also decided to do subdual damage with the attack. Zigblot not only failed his save, but woefully so.

The shop door bursts open, the big goblin shopkeeper pointing a wand at the trio, exclaiming at the top of his lungs. *Whoosh!* The platform is engulfed in a blast of fire, charring Jaj, and leaving the other two medium rare. Finding Jaj naked, again, Hikaru covers him with his cloak, which suffered only cosmetic damage. The Fireball also lit all their torches which are now useless.

It's most fortunate that Jaj had taken the cape with him, otherwise I think Hikaru might've finished him off for being nekked. Not to mention that it's his most powerful magic item.

Arriving at the top of the shaft, Hikaru slings Jaj's limp form over her shoulder (again), and hauls him along. Turning down the last unexplored path at the intersection they walk a long distance, the path sloping downward gradually. Arriving at the gates of what appears to be a dwarven citadel, they're called out to by a guard.

"Oi! Who goes there?"

They've arrived at their destination, but without the one person that could easily get them inside. The players collectively swore knowing that the only place Gorin could be if not with them was where they'd just barely escaped.

Hikaru claims they are simple travelers, Thomas on the other hand asks for asylum, to which the dwarves think padded rooms. The guards counter this pathetic attempt by asking for their papers of transit. Hikaru mentions that they're with Gorin, causing the guards to step to one side and huddle.

Gorin, while not high ranking in the military is cousin to a hero that had made a name for himself by exploring the lands around Rivertucky when that entrance had first been constructed and negotiated peace with the small encampment of goblins which involved a lucrative deal on both sides. Gorin was also charged with finding his brother, another distinguished member of dwarven society. Thus he was well known by a many other clans.

Most unfortunately almost none of the background above had come to light.

Three guards take the party to the shaft, one guard relieving Hikaru of Jaj the burden. Once there, Hikaru tells them that they're not welcome in that place anymore.

While deliberately not mentioning any deaths Hikaru is surprised when Thomas interrupts with "And then we killed some of them". Quickly recounting the circumstances, while perhaps enhancing the parts where she felt fear of a goblin horde, Hikaru reasons to the guards that they should've been executed on the spot.

Everyone turned towards Thomas' player when he said that. My players hoping, praying, that he'd attempt a save; myself slightly boggled, then grinning from ear to ear.

Deciding to investigate, one dwarf moves to block the way out, the others heading to the platform, one handing Jaj off to Hikaru.

Thankfully Jaj was out cold. His player tried to suggest courses of action, mostly suicidal ones, to the group till I reminded him that he's unconscious and should act as such.

Time slows to a crawl, everyone feeling uneasy, as if something bad were nearby, planning on how to present itself to them. Moments later the sound of machinery can be heard, then a long horizontal blade can be seen, which is then followed by two vertical ones. Two dwarven heads appear, their broad shoulders framing the head of the scythe-bearer.

With the sound of escaping gasses and an ominous clang of metal locking together the platform halts it's movement. Now level with the top side of the shaft, the goblin steps off the platform, approaching the duo and a half. Scowling menacingly, the goblin asks "What do you have to say for yourselves?".

That's almost word for word the description I gave to my players. I'm too proud of myself about it, but mostly because it had the desired effect of having my players swear and ask for character sheets.

Hikaru apologizes, saying that it was a case of mistaken identity. Thomas asks what's happened to Gorin, Zigblot reassures him that the dwarf is being dealt with.

Zigblot snarls "We lost our best three men... How are we to be compensated?"

Now is where I expected to hear something along the lines of money or items. Especially since they had enough cash to buy the goblin community, minus store and dealership, even after their shopping trip.

Hikaru has no answer, Thomas pawns the problem off to the unconscious Jaj. Zigblot asks about Jaj, and Hikaru properly labels him a fool. Zigblot touches Jaj, curing him, and holds a scythe to his neck growling "What do you have to say for yourself?"

End session.

Who thinks the next round involves Jaj exploding into a fine red mist?

Better yet, post amongst yourselves about what happens next. The next article may surprise you.

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What do you think?

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