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Behind the Counter


by Marcus King
Aug 11,2004



This summer is just about over, and my kids (those belonging to me, and those that shop my store) are in their final weeks of summer break. Some places, kids are already back in school.

It's been a great summer for us at Titan Games, and we have had some changes and such I want to talk about, and some games and things I have "discovered" that I am pretty psyched about.

First: Pirates of the Spanish Main is a semi-collectible (?) Constructable Miniatures Game, from Wizkids. Each pack has two ships, and you punch then out, and pop them together and play a game where the players try to out maneuver and out fight their opponents in a race to get gold pieces from islands on the playing field. Lots of fun. And, since it is not tied to a particular cartoon, movie or property: I think this one has legs! Though not widely available as of this writing, I think this one will sell for most retailers any time they can get it in stock. Very Cool Game.

Games Quarterly Magazine is something I just heard about last week: It's by the longtime publisher of Games Quarterly Catalog, the Game Industry's standard reference.

Games Quarterly Magazine celebrates and promotes non-electronic games and gaming. Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing Games, Family Games, War Games, General Interest, Party Games, miniatures and educational games (and more). GQM also features related topics- books, movies, and other topics of interest to the readers.

A dozen or so of the top writers in the games industry have features in each issue. Peter Adkison, founder of Wizards of the Coast writes from his incredible wealth of experience. James Ernest applies his wit and humor to crazy can't-miss articles such as Game Review By An Idiot. Kenneth Hite gives a wry and astute view of games that have become classics. Marcelo Figueroa links other entertainments to games. David Niecikowski shows in detail games that have particular merit in education. GQM Publisher Mark Simmons, a 28 year veteran who has worked on every level of the industry, makes sure every issue is overflowing with an interesting, entertaining variety of features.

Another new release we are anticipating here is the version of PARANOIA by Mongoose Publishing. A 250+ Page Hardcover version of the game is planned, and it can't come fast enough for me, as we have a STRONG following for the West End Games version, which we can never keep in stock!

Now, what has been happening at TitanGames? Well, first off, we are expanding into comics, music and a general "Entertainment Model" which will also include some Anime, DVD's and more. We are going to be changing our name to: Titan Games and Music. In fact, we already bought the url:

At first, not much will change - except that we are buying all used Music CD's, LP Record Albums, DVD Movies and Laser Disc's.

This fall, we will be remodeling to show off our Video Games, DVDs, CDs and Records, as well as Comics, Amine and Graphic Novels. This is planned for after Dragon Con (first weekend in September - which we will be attending September 3-6th, in Atlanta, Georgia).

We hope to have a special guest to do a Grand ReOpening of our store with in early September, too.

Now, the why's:
WHY are we going into an entertainment model? Well, in a town the size of Battle Creek, Michigan - we just have to broaden our appeal. Games is a niche market, and more and more places like Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Walmart and others are selling our merchandise, so we are not the destination we used to be. In order to remain, and grow, as a viable retail outlet, we have to get more, and new, customers. The way we chose to do this is to broaden our selection, and advertise more.

Advertise? But, that costs money! Yes, it does. But, if you are careful, it doesn't have to cost too much. We have recently had 5,000 flyers made advertising what we buy and sell - and we have gone to the local restaurants, malls, shopping centers and such and put them on windshields. We also have taken out ads in the local classifieds section of the papers, as well as put flyers up at the local colleges and universities.

What does all this mean? Well, it is the week before the weekend of GenCon (August 19-22) and I am short on time, and haven't a lot more to discuss. :)

Anyone with topics they would like to have discussed should email them to me at: titangamesinc@aol.com

Marcus King

TitanGamesandMusic.com - COO
Contemporal Magazine - Co-Owner
637 Capital Ave SW
Battle Creek, MI 49015

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What do you think?

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