Broken Earth

Broken Earth is a post-apocalyptic skirmish-level wargame, produced by Spectrum Studios and Nevermore Games. The release date is June, 2001.

The game pits the Colonists (a society devoted to rebuilding civilization) against the Skavs (marauding anarchist dregs with a penchant for bloodshed) in a titanic struggle for supremacy of the wastelands.

Broken Earth is presented as a 16 page book with a full color cover by Jared Brown. The book itself is packed with everything you'll need to get playing immediately (well, except a few 6-siders); complete rules, army lists, a blank map and stand-up counters. The game is easy to learn and extremely fast and furious.

Broken Earth is a unique wargame with a great deal of potential. The entire game can be learned within 15 or 20 minutes, yet the strategic depth remains incredibly high. Simplicity in rules design doesn't have to lessen the importance of tactics...and Broken Earth is proof of that.

So, get those dice ready for action and join us in the conflict!

---Cynthia Celeste Miller

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