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Reshuffled: 52 Pick Up


by Del McClellan
Jul 16,2002



Under the Pacific seas there is revolution. The creation of a super-human aquatic species, the Aguan, has led to sedition against the Pacifica-Colony government. Leading the revolt are the Houses, corporate families that hold sway over much of society. Secretly, the Houses want the Aguan for themselves; biotechnological jewels to put in their crowns. The Houses need people to secure Aguan specimens, giving them an edge against the colonial government and rival Houses.

Enter the Ronin.

You command an elite bounty-hunting team, which has been hired to capture Aqui from automated research prisons. Guaranteed is stiff competition from rival Ronin and fierce resistance from robotic sentries of the prisons. The recent days of women, gambling, and booze are past, time to get to work. You’ve got guns and gills. You’ve got a hacker. You have the heart of a cowboy.

Needed to Play

2 six-sided dice.
1 Blue poker chip (Aguan piece)
5 Red poker Chips per player (Code Hack tokens)
4 copies of the map provided
32 game pieces provided
16 square 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch cardstock backings for the Ronin units (optional)


Print out 4 copies of the map provided on cardstock paper. Cut out the map pieces, then lay them out on the table. Tape the map pieces together in the shape of a square ring..with 4 inside rooms. By doing this you should have a Hatchway on each outside corner. Place the Aguan on one outside corner Hatchway. The opposite corner is now designated as the Approach area, where Submarines land and boarding occurs. The Approach area is the opposite hatchway to the Aguan and 3 spaces in each direction.


Print and cut out one set of the playing pieces provided. These should be printed out on cardstock paper. Cut on the SOLID lines.

Ronin- The 4 pieces of the 4 different ‘weapon’ pictures are each a separate players’ Ronin pieces. Each player should pick one type of weapon picture to represent his Ronin, and take those 4. Optionally you can glue on cardstock backings, to make them a bit more durable.

Submarine- Simply cut them out and give one to each player. Optionally, you can glue on backings, like above.

Water Level markers- These markers say Room Full on one side Chest High on the other. Create the pieces by cutting them out on the solid lines and folding them on the dotted lines. Glue them together so they say Room Full on one side, and Chest High on the other.

Sentry-Guns- These units have a picture of a large gun on one side and the word TAMED on the other. Fold and glue on dotted lines as above. Sentry-Guns start with the picture side facing up, meaning they are ALERT. Place a Sentry-Gun on the 2 open spaces outside of the Aguans’ Hatchway, then place the remaining 2 Sentry-Guns in the center space in the 2 rooms that run diagonally from the Aguan to the Approach area.

About the Map

Square blank spaces - Open: Are open to player movement. They form Rooms separated by Hatchways.

Square “H” spaces - Hatchways: Are open to player movement. They are cramped and require some manual hatch opening and closing, thus are slower traveling for the Ronin. They separate the Rooms from each-other. All Hatchways start Open, but may be Locked later by players playing Code-Hack tokens. Water cannot enter a hatchway.

Rooms- Each collection of Open spaces, separated by Hatchways, is considered to be a Room for flooding purposes.

Game Play

Play through every Phase in order. All Phases together make up a Round. Note: The Opening Phase (the Boarding Phase) is only played at the very beginning of the first Round.

Boarding Phase- Each player rolls 2d6. The person with the highest roll places their Submarine marker somewhere in the Approach area; this marker indicates where the player’s Ronin (plural) enters the map. The other players’ follow in turn, clockwise. Submarines cannot be placed on outside Hatchways.

Determining Initiative- The player with the fewest Ronin goes first, followed the player with the next fewest pieces, and so on. Ties are resolved by rolling 2d6, and taking turns in the order of highest roll.

Phase 1 - Hack Phase

Every Ronin team has an off-site hacker assisting their operation.

*Determine Initiative. . Players have only 5 Code-Hacks tokens to spend in a game during the Hack Phases (so they should be used wisely).*

By spending 1 Code-Hack card you may do 1 of the following:

Lock Hatchway - Place the Code-Hack token on the affected Hatchway. No Ronin of ANY player may enter that Hatchway until the Hatchway is Unlocked.

Unlock Hatchway - Remove the Locking token from the affected Hatchway. Discard your Code-Hack token.

Tame Sentry-Gun - Flip the Sentry-Gun over to it’s TAMED side. The Sentry-Gun will no longer fire at the Ronin and may be used after being Picked Up. Note: This Hack costs 2 tokens.

Flood Room - If Room is empty of water, place a Chest-high Water Level marker in the room. If the water in the Room is Chest-high, you may place a Room-full marker in the Room Water Level space (you can do this by merely flipping over the marker already present). Discard the spent Code-Hack token. A Room may not be flooded more than 1 level during the Hack Phase.

Drain Room - If Room is full of water, flip the Room-full Water Level marker of the affected Room (making the Water Level Chest-high). If Room has Chest-high water, remove the marker. Discard the spent Code-Hack token. A Room may not be drained more than 1 Level during the Hack Phase.

Phase 2- Hustle

*Determine Initiative. At the start of each Hustle phase each Ronin has 3 Hustle Points (HP). When moving Ronin, please note there are no stacking limits.*

Consult the table below when moving Ronin.

Condition: HP Cost:
Open Space
Unlocked Hatchway
Locked Hatchway
No Movement possible
Ronin carrying Aguan
1- cannot carry sentry gun
Ronin carrying Sentry-Gun
1 - cannot carry Aguan
Onto enemy occupied space
Boarding Submarine
Taking Cover
Room Water Level

*Hatchways may not be entered on a diagonal movement
**Ronin in a Room full of water may still enter a hatchway (if they are not encumbered)

Phase 3- Rumble Phase

Determine Initiative. Each Ronin may attack once, making either an aimed attack, an auto-fire attack, or a blade attack.

Aimed attack- Your Ronin attacks 1 enemy Ronin within line-of-site. Cannot be made against the enemies in the same space as the attacker.

Autofire attack- Your Ronin attacks all occupants of a space within line-of-site. A separate attack roll is made against each occupant of the target space. This MUST include friendly Ronin, if present. Cannot be made against enemies in the same space as the attacker.

Blade attack- Your Ronin attacks 1 enemy that occupies the same space.

All Alert Sentry-Guns (and all 4 Sentry-Guns start the game in the ‘Alert’ mode) make their attacks last. A Sentry-Gun will make an auto-fire attack against the closest space (within LOS) with the most occupants. If more than 1 space qualifies for this condition the Sentry Gun will attack the closest space with the least occupants. If more than 1 space qualifies for this then the Sentry-Gun does nothing. If any water is present, the Sentry-Gun does nothing. Note: A tamed Sentry-Gun may be used in water by a Ronin.

*To determine success of combat, Attacker rolls 1d6. If a (6) is rolled, roll the die again and add the result to (6). Attacker needs to reach a target number of (5) plus or minus any Rumble Modifiers (RM) to kill an enemy Ronin. Note! - All combat is simultaneous; any eliminated Ronin may, upon that players turn, still make attacks. After every attack by every player is made, THEN dead Ronin are removed from the board.*

Consult the table below when attacking.

Condition: RM:
Attacker is
Making Long Range Attack (6 spaces +)
Making an Aimed Attack
Making an Autofire Attack
Making a Blade Attack
In Chest-deep Water
In Room Full Water
Taking Cover
Using Sentry Gun
Carrying Aguan
A Sentry-Gun*
Defender is
Taking Cover
Using Aguan as Cover**

*Sentry-Guns are not penalized for making auto-fire attacks **The Aguan has the ability to regenerate from kinetic damage and thus cannot be killed in this game

Phase 4 - Grab

Determine Initiative. Any Ronin may Grab the Aguan or a tamed Sentry-Gun if they occupy the same space. Please note The Hustle Point costs and the Rumble Modifiers. The Sentry-Gun may be used as a weapon and the Aguan does nothing.

Phase 5 - Gasping-For-Air

The Ronin are using experimental grafted gills to survive possible drowning. Note: they are ‘experimental’ and none of the teams have allowed the surgeries to heal before accepting this mission. The Aguan, though unconscious, has the ability to breathe under water without fail.

*During the Gasping-For-Air Phase roll 1d6 for each Ronin in a Room full of water . On a roll of 1 the Ronin dies and is removed.*

Concluding Phase

After the Gasping-For-Air Phase, if the Aguan and an accompanying Ronin are on any Submarine marker (and nothing says the Submarine has to be the one you started with), the player who owns that Ronin may end the game. Any Ronin left behind by that player and all other players’ Ronin are considered lost. You then count up points.

Captured the Aguan: 4 pts. Per Ronin Survived 1 pt.

You can play a set number of game if you wish, adding up the points after every game.


I honestly hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed making it! Email me any variations or optional rules you devise, I’d love to hear about how you’re playing ‘Wet Ronin’. It’s design was influenced by the games ‘Siege of the Citadel’ by Heartbreaker Hobbies, and ‘Shadowrun’ by FASA. Also, movies: ‘ The Abyss’, ‘Aliens’ and ‘Alien Resurrection’. Books: ‘Neuromancer’ and ‘Snow Crash’. I would like to thank Charity McAfee for her assistance in formatting the playing pieces and map.

Peace, Del “NachoNinja” McClellan.

Optional Sentry-Gun Rule.

During the Hack Phase, a player may spend a Code-Hack token to make a Tamed Sentry-Gun into an Alert Sentry-Gun again. The Sentry-Gun will start to fire at (any) target once all that players’ Ronin are out of the Room the Sentry-Gun is located in. It can be placed anywhere and WILL attack the Ronin of the player that reset it to Alert mode, if they should show themselves again.

Pre Flooded Rooms.

Each player gets to place a Chest-High water level marker in one of the 8 rooms. Players cannot place a water level marker in any room that already has one placed there by another player.

Unit designations.

Instead of each player taking a set of one type of unit picture to represent their Ronin, players take 1 of each of the 4 different weapon pics and color the four different pics a color of their choice.

Each pic now represents a different type of unit, with different attributes as per the following-

Sword - “Ronin”- +2 HP, +1 RM, Armor (can take 1 hit that would kill, essentially having 2 “lives”

Automatic Shotgun - “Heavy Weapon”- Weapon is equivalent to a Sentry-Gun, complete with dratted encumbrance.

Pistol with Clip - “Hacker”- As long as this unit survives, the player may roll 1d6 when spending last Code Hack token. On a roll of 5-6, that player gets 2 more tokens. If player fails at this roll, then he may try again during his next Hacking phase, provided his Hacker is still alive.

AK-47 - “Scout”- +3 HP

-Maps and Missions.

Finally, feel free to print out and create different map variations and draw up new units and missions. The sky’s the limit really.


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