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News and Reviews

Regular Columns
Action Scenes
Lights, camera...
by Dan Bayn
Methods of campaign and adventure design
by Paul Mitchener
Behind The Counter
The retailer's perspective
by Marcus King
Close to the Edit
An amalgam of ideas
by Ross Winn
Critical Hits
A writer's POV
by Dave Smith
The Culture Beneath the Stairs: deeper issues of player culture
A look at how issues as people affect us as gamers. by Conan McKegg
DMing By Dummies
Dungeon Mastering By (not for) Dummies
by NotMousse
Geek's Eye View
Geek and gamer culture and community
by Jukka Sarkijarvi
Hack For More
Running Hackmaster
by Ed McNeely
Keeping Kosher
Keeping things fair in gaming
by Walt Ciechanowski
The Play's the Thing
Player advice for gaming
by David Goodner
Playing Dice With The Universe
Religion in games
by Bill Kte'pi
RPGnet Soapbox
Peeks at the industry
by Sandy Antunes
Speculative Physics
The physics of gaming
by Mendel Schmiedekamp
View From the Big Chair
The art of Game Mastering
by Matthew Webber
Irregular/Fill-In Columns
Gaming for Grown-Ups
Gaming for grown-ups
by Tim Kirk
A different take on RPG design
by Sergio Mascarenhas
No Good
Experimental gaming and game theory
by Juhana Pettersson
Rethinking RP from the ground up
by Jonathan Walton
Industry Interviews
China Mieville
by Gareth-Michael Skarka
(April 24, 2002)
Science Fiction (and other) Interviews
of RPG/game authors,
by James Maliszewski
Wolfgang Baur and Monte Cook on Dark*Matter
(December 23-24, 1999)
The Outside Scoop
a pre-release kit for an upcoming game, provided by (various companies)
Starchildren: Velvet Generation
Counter Talk
game retailer perspectives,
by various retail experts
Jumping the Grand Canyon with Pikachu and Friends by Guy McLimore
(December 21, 1999)
Guest House
visiting gamers on gaming culture and game issues,
by (various authors)
The Ten-Minute Guide To Becoming a RPG Transvestite
Hero for a Day
superheroic gaming columns,
collected and edited by Tomas Skucas
Capes & Spandex: What Costumes Mean to the Super Hero Roleplaying Genre by Storn Cook
(June 8, 2000)
Industry Voices
industry insiders speak up!,
by (various authors)
Condensation of All Game Fiction by lizard
The Mighty Eye of RPGnet
a different focus each time on rpger projects,
chosen by Sandy Antunes
Investment Pick
The Vault (older column runs)
52 Pick Up (Reshuffled)
A complete new game every month (or so)
edited by Chris Czerniak
no sarcasm allowed,
by Jeff Freeman
The One True Way to Roleplay, Online
(July 20, 1999)
Archetypology 101: Fact, Fiction, & Fallacies
Exploring the character archetypes in gaming. by Aeon
Episode 11 - In Closing...
(April 30, 2002)
Aural Sects
game music reviews,
by Remy Verhoeve
The Campaign Soundtrack part II, plus Reviews
(December 19, 2001)
Bag o' Nifties
Tricks for GMs
by Dan Bayn
Sci-Firearms - The Bottom of the Bag
Behind the Curtain
Starting and running a small press gaming company by Patrick Sweeney
Part VI: End Game
Bell, Book and Candle
horror insights,
by Peter Devlin
Science-Horror Part 2 -- Everything Is Not As It Seems
(August 24, 1999)
Bells and Thistles
about humor,
by Meera Barry
Not What It Says It Is
(July 27, 2001)
Bent Pages
The Indie Scene by Tim Denee
Binary: Computer RPGs
Looking at computer RPGs from a roleplaying perspective. by Wes Johnson
All I want for Christmas
(December 18, 2001)
The Bitter Guide to SF
book and SF reviews,
by Justin Mohareb
Because it's been too long
Bleeding Edge
Real science for gamers
by Cy Ance
Fusion Dreams
Campaigning at the Con
All about Davenford
by Mike DeSanto
Chop Shop
Rule tweaks
by Eric Brennan
The Contract
GM tools
by J. S. Majer
Equating Real
Creating a Convention
by Mark A. Santillo
Another Opening, Another Show
Dice Club
Our first gaming comic!
by Graveyard Greg and WebTroll
(December 31, 2001)
Elements of Gaming
Elements of gaming
by Brian Gleichman
Elements of Strategy
Extra Experience Points
by Greg Chatham
The Final Battle Between Greg and Evil
(April 1, 2002)
Facts and Fancies: Information to Myths
Taking a set of facts and spinning a backstory.
by Liz Rich
Seriusly Fishy
(April 12, 2002)
Faith and Steel
Warriors in gaming
by Steve Bergeron
Fantasy Rising
looking at fantasy roleplay,
by Matt Snyder
Heroes real and imagined
(November 16, 2001)
Fiddly Bits II
Game archaelogy, game university
by Larry D. Hols & Co.
FID 223: Analysis of die-roll methods
The Fine Art of Role-Playing
The basics
by Jonathan Walton
Information just wants to play
by Sam Chupp
Foaming at the Mouth
social critique,
by Erich S. Arendall
Hanging Up the Dice Bag
(February 7, 2001)
For Granted
A closer exploration of the basic things gamers overlook by Aeon
For Thwith
From the Trenches
chicks in roleplaying and other stuff,
by Jo
(March 28, 2000)
Game Design: Step by Step
A game built, right before your eyes... again!
by Gareth-Michael Skarka
Redux Sux
(June 7, 2001)
Gamers and the Real World
Gaming and mainstream entertainment
by Josh Epperson
The GGGames Dozen
Complete boardgames, pocket games, and neat tactical stuff by Kris Havlak and Rick Heggie
Monkey Pit Fighting
(March 8, 2002)
The Growth of a Campaign
Watch a campaign evolve
by Et Al
The First Session
Hard Science
SF coverage,
by David Martin
Esprit de Temps
(January 30, 2002)
The Head of Vecna: Women in Gaming and Other Myths
by Hilary Doda
Planting the Seed: Fertility Then and Now
(May 2, 2002)
What is a hero?
by Sean Hillman
Part 7: Laying Heroes To Rest
Hi-Fi Psi-Fi Cybernetic Samurai Cafe
Roleplaying Movies
by Scott Yohman
(June 8, 2000)
Household Name
Publishing a game
by Mike Pohjola
Idea Factory
by Carl Cravens
"Pick a Card, Any Card"
(October 27, 2000)
Idea Mine
Gaming Culture
by Mike Mearls
The Life and Times of a Freelance Game Designer
(January 10, 2001)
The Impossible Dream
The game design dilemma
by Hunter Logan
#8: True Death
In Genre
RPGs and genres
by RJ Grady
Ideas for role-playing
by Dan Norder
The Last Dark Art
Gaming as art form
by Dan Layman-Kennedy
Ten: If Only: Great Roles, Great Players
Let Me Tell You About My Character
A new character every month
by Chad Underkoffler
Mark Meadowbrook, Evil Twin
Live Wires
by Scott Lynch
The Live Wires Holiday Study Guide
(December 29, 2000)
Looting the Bodies
Ethics and Decision Making
by Eric Swanson
Creating Game Seeds by Brian Hollenbeck
The Grimm World
Music in Gaming
Music in gaming
by Damon Bradshaw
Deconstructing Composers: Reverse Choreography
Musings of a Would-Be Game Designer
Designing Spacebuckler
by Mike Martinez
It's Not Just a Game
A metaphysical look at gaming by Coilean Caiside
(The Final) Conflict
Opening Moves
by Lonnie Ezell
A Weapon for all occasions
(July 13, 1999)
Horror in games
by Matt Cowger
Timing, Placement and Horror
Planet of the Paper People
Purely Paper People
by P.D. Magnus
Quality Control: Creating the New Look of the Game
A look into the layout process of game design.
by Joshua Brain Jaffe
Ante Up: The Cover
(March 2, 2001)
Roleplaying with Clio
historical gaming,
by Martin Lloyd
Clio's Memory
(February 24, 2000)
Ruleslawyer For Free
rule design and free-RPG evaluation,
by Sergio Mascarenhas
Experience: From Fiction to Roleplaying Games
(September 11, 2000)
Run with It
Effective GMing,
by Michael T. Richter
Unseen Details #1 ; How Not to Describe
(August 22, 2000)
Screaming Jackass
21st century gaming,
by Scott Shafer
(August 3, 2001)
Small Talk
miniatures and wargames,
by Robert E. Allen
Mini Reviews of Minis
(March 14, 2000)
The Spider's Den
internet gaming,
by David Rowe
What Do You Mean You Don't Own Word98?
(August 24, 1999)
Star Dragon
Writing a novel
by Mike Brotherton
Stray Thoughts
bringing the everyday into RPGs
by Michael B. Erb
Music in Gaming, Part 2
Take the Lead
Advice on winning players and influencing parties by David Bareford
Leadership in the Star Wars Saga
(16may02) Leadership in the Star Wars Saga
(May 16, 2002)
Tempus Fugit
History in games
by Mithras
The Gygax - Arneson Tapes
Thematic Voyage: The Unseen Art of Gamemastering
The use and exploration of themes.
by Jocelyn Robitaille
Of Dread and Wonder (part 2)
(March 21, 2002)
Thinking Virtually
Role-playing in the computer age
by Shannon Appelcline and crew
#70: Strategic Coda: The Web Connection
This Gaming Life
Looking at gaming as an adult
by Ian O'Rourke
The Rise and Fall of 3E
(February 14, 2002)
Tips for the Beginning RP'er
Tips for newbies
by Devon Mannix
The Travels of Mendes Pinto
Interactive rule design
by Sergio Mascarenhas
Not Dead Yet
Virtually Adventurous
Exploring electronic publishing by Guy McLimore and Matt Drake
Part the Sixth: In which the Humble Narrator hears the voice of
Wanna Fight?
Combat in roleplaying
by Bryan Jonker
Fifth Commandment
Ways To Play
New ideas for role-playing
by Chris Chinn
Modifiers and Rewards
Well Met!
scenario starts,
by Dan Armstrong
And So The Adventure Begins...
(April 11, 2000)
We're Misguided!
Syndicated comics lives!
by Darren Calvert
Planet Basement
(August 20, 2001)
Wind in the Flowers
The mad art of revising an existing game, subtext Noblis by R. Sean Borgstrom
Editing, Development, and Production
(March 27, 2002)


Roleplaying Reviews

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