Generators, Simulators, Information & Engines on the Net

  • Blue Troll's Netbooks Webpage

  • Uncle Figgy's Guides New!

  • DC Heroes FTP Site

  • Official DC Heroes FAQ

  • The Dwarven Delving New!

  • Blaize O'Glory's Post-Mortem Hall of Fame

  • UNOfficial RPGA Website

  • Castle on the Web

  • Alternate History Travel Guides

  • Bean's Page o' AD&D Modules

  • EPOSIC Roleplaying's GM aids New!

  • Random Planet Creator

  • Alien Planet Designer

  • FTP.CS.PDX.EDU a great assortment of useful files

  • Rate Your Favorite RPG

  • Irony Games' Dice Server

  • Irony Games' Instant Cave Room Maker

  • Irony Games' Instant Tavern Maker

  • Irony Games' Instant Clearing Maker

  • Irony Games' Moon Tool

  • Irony Games' Campaign Calendar Maker

  • Scooby's Online NPC generator

  • Scooby's Online Item generator

  • Scooby's Online Spelljammer Crew Cost generator

  • Scooby's Online Gem generator

  • Scooby's Online Jewelery generator


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