Some Cool Links to Other RPG Web Sites

These sites had to stand up to my intense scrutiny to be included here. So rest assured that these are some of the best links on the web for Roleplaying Games.

Game Publisher's Webpages

Games Workshop Games Websites

Shadowrun Websites

Dungeons & Dragons Websites

GURPS Websites

Hero Games (Champions) Websites

Traveller Websites

Star Wars Websites

Other Game Systems Websites

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These folks bill themselves as the Unofficial Warhammer WFRP site. As far as I'm concerned, they're officially one the best.

Warhammer Forever
Warhammer Forever....what else can I say?

The Warhammer Quest Archive
You want something for Warhammer Quest? This is the place to look!!

Triple Skulls Homepage
This is a flat out great Blood Bowl page. If you play the game, you must visit this site.

Space Hulk Homepage
This is the only site I've found for Games Workshop's awesome boardgame of strategy and horror.


Paolo's Shadowrun Archive
Now, I don't know who Paolo is, but I DO know that this is one kickin' Shadowrun site! New archetypes, new equipment, new monsters, you name it, Paolo's got it. Some of the stuff is still only in Italian (Paolo's native language) but 90% or so has been translated into English.

Plastic Warriors' Netbooks
Some good stuff for Shadowrun, including a bunch of Cyberpunk 2020 stuff converted to the Shadowrun system.

Annother decent Shadowrun site, but maybe these guys take themselves too seriously ??

Shadowrun Additions and Enhancements
This site has more than just new equipment and archetypes for SRII. They've got expanded explanations for the "lifestyles" along with some expanded tech and toxins.


Saman's D&D Druid Homepage
Saman is a Druid FREAK. His site is a bit 'busy' but the info contained there is well worth the wait while the page loads

Olde Tavern Tales
A great looking site with plenty of content by some freelance authors that have been published by TSR.

An entire AD&D world on-line.

The AD&D Zone
A place that brings together some of the best AD&D content in a comprehensive package

Bean's Page o' AD&D Adventure Modules
Bean's gone and done the collecting, now all us GM's gotta do is run these modules for our players!


Brett Slocum's Roleplaying Page
A wealth of GURPS information along with some Tekumel and Chivalry and Sorcery stuff

Ondrej Blazek's GURPS Page
Ondrej has compiled a lot of information useful to GURPSer's everywhere. Includes the "newest" version of the program MAKECHAR .

GURPS Stuff by Scott Maykrantz
Here's some original stuff to keep Gurps-heads busy

Lots o' characters for your GURPS campaign, from NPC's to Player Characters, it's all here.


The PRIMUS Homepage
Here is a 'good guy' organization complete with history and equipment for use with Hero Games' CHAMPIONS superhero game.

The Chessmen Homepage
Annother group to be used with Hero Games' CHAMPIONS superhero roleplaying game, with a LOT of added equipment for the game.

The VIPER Net Resource
Here is a place for the Villians to hang out and have fun!

The Original Champions Material Index
A *very* complete Champions/Hero resource. Bookmark this one, 'cause you can get it all from here!


Traveller - The Web Pages
Anything and everything you need for Traveller. Adventure outlines, equipment lists, NPC's, you name it!

Yiklerzdanzh Sector Survey
Here is a setting for your Traveller campaign, just don't expect the natives to be friendly!


Star Wars - The Uligor Pact
An entire developing campaign for West End Game's Star Wars Roleplaying system. Setting, equipment, NPC's and more!

Star Wars RPG Page
This is THE definitive source for Star Wars roleplayers and gamemasters. Starcharts, Calandars, Adventures, it's all here!

The Chaos Crew & Dead Jawas
Some great stuff for SWRPG and SWCCG.


TooN! - The Cartoon Roleplaying Game
The 'official' page from the game publisher.

Call of Computer
A crossover adventure for Paranoia and Call of Cthulhu.

Mandatory Paranoia
A few articles to help broaden the scope of your PARANOIA

Restart Start Page
A page that has stuff for the post crash Paranoia setting.

Official Bureau 13 Homepage
Scads of stuff for Tri-Tac's game of the bizzare

The Judge's Den
A page with new stuff for Deadlands, the game of the Weird West.

The Silver Bullet
Who sez there aren't any good sites for Deadlands out there??

RIFTS by Dustin M.
This is THE site for information on the Palladium Game RIFTS. Don't even bother going anywhere else, Dustin has it all!

Black Hammer's Cyberpunk Archives
An excellent site, full of usefull original content for CP 2020 that's laid out in an easy to navigate format.

Rust Never Sleeps
A place to find stuff for Cyberpunk 2020 as well as other systems

Retro Tech
Rocky's done a great job providing netbooks and an extensive list o' links on Battletech.

Unofficial Star Fleet Battles Homepage
A lot of content and links for Star Fleet Battles including homebrew rules, ship specs, and scenarios.

Static's Spelljamming WWW Page
One of the better Spelljammer pages I've seen.

An entire Spelljammer world online.

Marvel SuperHeroes House Rules Page
Here's a page with some original and compiled stuff. Adventures, equipment, powers, and ...oh yes, house rules.

TrekRPG Net
The definitive place for Star Trek TNG roleplayers

The Mind Bench
The Mind Bench is a site where you can submit your rough campaign ideas for others to help flesh out and polish.

Macray's Keep
PBeM Style gaming on the WWW. It's a very innovative site, and has several ongoing games.

Mutquest Page
This is Todd's own Roleplaying system. It's a bit cobbled together, but it looks cool to me.

The Roleplayer's Guide
A lot of effort has gone into this site. A place for gamemasters and players alike.