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I am an avid Role Playing Gamer (RPG'er) and have been since AD&D was called Chainmail. I have since played several different systems, and have come to like many of them and despise others. But I don't discriminate against those systems I don't like so hopefully you'll find something useful here.

Due to constraints on my time, I've relinquished my convention calandar to Jenga. She's done one hell of a job! Check out the rest of her site when you're done looking at the con calandar.

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Usenet Newsgroups for RPG'ers

Here are newsgroups specifically geared towards the Role Playing Gamer. They can be a wealth of information as long as there isn't a flame war going on.
Discussion on RPG theory, things like the benefits of Freeform vs. Directed, Plotting, Character Development, etc. Good food for thought for the serious roleplayer.
Discussion of games like Shadowrun or Cyberpunk 2020, or any other game in the Cyber genre.
A group just for D&D of all editons and settings.
The place to discuss GURPS game mechanics and such. Due to GURPS generic nature, you may find GURPS related posts in the other newsgroups as well, especially the 'genre' newsgroups like .cyber
A kind of 'catch-all' newsgroup for things that don't quite fit into the other, more specific, groups.
Where the players of White Wolf's system of games come to kabitz. Newsgroup: The Everything
The lair of Villians and Heroes alike. Champions, Heroes Unlimited, DC, Marvel, V&V, it's all covered here.
Roleplaying of all kinds.....from a British point of view.
Roleplaying of all kinds.....from an Aussie point of view.


Gaming Merchants and Gaming Clubs on the Web

The Southern Illinois Strategic Games Society
A gaming club dedicated to historic and fantasy miniatures wargaming.

RPG Book NetMarket
These guys have the right idea! Their prices are 10-30 percent off list. That, and they offer some actual content on their site for players and GM's alike.

Wintertree Software
Wintertree Software specializes in computer programs to aid gamemasters. Their website includes download areas and demos of some of their products.

The largest hobby store on the east coast now has a website. You should be able to find what you need here.

The Sages' Guild
The online source for used/out of print sourcebooks and modules. They deal primarily in stuff related to TSR's AD&D

Dream Forge Online Catalog
The Dream Forge is one of the foremost costume suppliers for LARP's. Check 'em out for Halloween too!

Czar's Shields & Standards
Billing themselves as "Accessories Specialists" for all genres, they do custom standards, flags, and painting of/for miniatures.


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