Prince Etrigan's Files for Roleplayers

Below are some files that can be of use to Gamemasters and Players alike


*The Ultimate AD&D (2nd ed) Spellbook

* Complete List of Priest Spells sorted by Spheres for AD&D (2nd ed)

* An Index of all AD&D (2nd ed) Kits

* An Index of all AD&D (2nd ed) Non-Weapon Proficiencies

* AD&D Rules Cyclopedia Errata

* A listing of all the gods and godlike powers of the World of Greyhawk


Below are some adventures that I wrote. Many were written some time ago and I finally got some time to type them into the word processor. As I have more time, I'll add to this collection.


The "Heir Apparent" Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

* Part 1, The Village of Weissenhald

[Word 97] [Text]

* Part 2, The City of Marksburg

[Word 97] [Text]

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